Residents and councillors force Golders Green rethink

Massive opposition from residents and local Conservative councillors has forced TfL to rethink its plans to redevelop Golders Green station.

Under TfL’s original proposals a covered bus station with flats and offices above would be built, and the war memorial would be dismantled and relocated, causing outrage and more than 1,000 responses to Barnet’s consultation document.

Conservative councillors in Childs Hill, Garden Suburb, and Golders Green raised concerns over the plans on behalf of residents and called on City Hall to think again about vandalising the heart of Golders Green in February.

As a result, TfL and City Hall have bowed to public pressure and agreed to scale back their original plans, but Conservative councillors said they would continue to scrutinise the plans in the interests of residents.

Childs Hill councillors Shimon Ryde and Peter Zinkin said: "TfL have recognised the overwhelming local opposition to their plans and have been forced to go back to the drawing board.

“Whilst this is good news, TfL still plan to develop the station as a hub for their bus operation in North West London.

“Local councillors in the Garden Suburb, Childs Hill and Golders Green remain opposed to any plans to vandalise our much loved and historic town centre."

Garden Suburb councillor John Marshall added: "We will continue to fight for the interests of local residents. 

“We all agree that there must be no prospect of any future redevelopment of the depot and sidings that adjoin the Hampstead Garden Suburb Conservation Area.”

Golders Green war memorial was unveiled in 1923 and, in recognition of the many local Jewish servicemen who laid down their lives in the First World War, was designed as a clock tower rather than employing religious imagery.

Picture: © Sunil Prasannan (Creative Commons Licence)